Hi all at msdperformance.com

I bought a Msd Ready To Run for Buick 455 from www.dalhems.se 2 1/2 year ago.

The engine is installed in a Firebird -71.

During late June to late July of this year, over a night, my engine has given med big problems. The problem is when i give it some throttle the engines is week and bludders at any given rpm.

I have done the follwoing:

Checked the timing; -8 at idle and max -36 @ 2500rpm and another -10 @  full vacum = Perfect for my application. Seemingly rock steady..

Checked the pulses on the primary side of ignition coil with a oscilloscope with a Amp to voltage converter module while driving. No "drop outs" during the bluddering phase...The primary current spikes was according to spec 7.5A +- 5-10% all of the time.
Any multispark spikes was impossible to see.. Is it realy a true Multispark system?

Checked the carb...Even did a ultrasonic wash of it..Didn't help..

Swaped the carb to another of same sice and brand, Edelbrock 750 1407...Didn't help..

Mounted new sparkplugs and drove 200km... Noticed that the AFR value was higher then normal.
Before the problem started it was 15.0 at crousing.. And now 17-19!!

Checked the sparkplugs.. One of them was seriously burned the rest was just burned.

Check compression: all cyl whas within 11.3-12.0 bar = Lucky me.

Losen the dist cap and rotor and find a lose screw. Plz lock at the picture..

The pickup cable was not worn in any way..meaning that the copper was not exposed.

The vacum arm still did its job.

Put the bolt at the right place and the bluddering was gone.

Still had som problem though.. The engine whas not running on all cyl at all times.

After gently sanding the rotor and the 8 cap terminal inside the cap the problem (cyl nr 3 missfirering) was gone.

After that I consumed like 10 beers. Liked that part of the troubleshooting.. That helped a lot.

This has cost me time and some money and a usless car during one (of four) sommer month. The problem was generated by your production line quality!

It would be a great gesture if you could send med new sparkplugs, rotor and a dist cab for my application. And an explenation how this is possile from an electric point of  view.
I am an electric and a mechanic engineer so dont hesitate to use technical therms..

Why not throw in 10 cans of beer also..:-) Just kidding...

Sorry for any misspelled words.

Plz respond to this.

The bolt is now secured with loctite as i should has been from the begining.

Have a great day.

Claes Passe
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This lose screw generated the problem...
This lose screw generated the problem...
One of the 8 cap terminals in the dist cab..This was the worst.. cyl 3
One of the 8 cap terminals in the dist cab..This was the worst.. cyl 3
Cyl 1..The one with the highest compression..
Cyl 1..The one with the highest compression..